Free time is Tougher than that of Tuscany, to be more accessible than the island of Sicily. La vita è bella Together. For Delphine, and daughter, Lucy, was originally a house, it is now in their permanent place of residence. Enjoy the unspoiled nature and the lovely outdoors, we had them in its grip.

 1. What you’re After?

“I have been visiting the region, as it has for me, everything you need for a relaxing holiday: a stunning coastline, picturesque villages and a great variety of landscapes. About five years ago, I started to think about what makes me happy, and in a short time, I had a couple of friends will be lost. More than ever, I realized how hurried we are, in Belgium. And how I always feel when I’m here. My ex-husband, Jan Hoet jr., ed.). I had a cottage built in Serranova. The last three years I have lived here permanently, with my daughter Lucy. I will design and create a table and enter the workshops. I, too, love the winter light is very beautiful. It affects, without a doubt, my work as an artist.”

2. Where do you take visitors to an inevitability from the get-go?

“Cities such as Lecce, Grottaglie, famous for its ceramics, the Fasano, in the beautiful Martina Franca, in the Ostuni , and a private bathroom each one of them is a trip well worth it, but in the Grotta della Poesia is a beautiful piece of nature that you are not going to be lying around. Perhaps one of the most beautiful natural basin of Puglia, surrounded by a Roca Vecchia. You can have it on the rocks to jump in, but also with the children it is pleasant for bathing.”