China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping has promised more openness in the implementation of the Initiative for the construction of a “New silk road”. Against the Background of international criticism of the Chinese project for the construction of economic corridors in the world, China’s President said: “Everything should be done in a transparent manner and there will be zero tolerance for corruption.”

Xi said at the opening of the silk road summit in Beijing. To the two-day Meeting representatives from more than 100 countries arrived, including nearly 40 heads of state and government. From Germany the German economy takes part Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU). It is after 2017, with the second summit of this kind.

The silk road project is a matter of international dispute. China wants to build new trade routes to Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, and billion in roads, Railways, ports and other infrastructure projects to invest in. Critics warn that especially poor countries could trap in a debt and political dependencies of the government in Beijing.

Green demand cohesion of the EU

the leading candidate of The Greens for the European elections Sven Giegold accused the Federal government of complicity in the weak, the EU’s approach to China. Although Germany is the economically strongest country in Europe, refused to support the Union and the SPD “a closer cooperation with France and to block investments that Europe would strengthen,” said Giegold. The answer to China’s economic Expansion could, however, be only an “effective European investment budget”.

The lack of solidarity of Central Europe with the economically weaker countries in southern and Eastern Europe have created “cracks and gaps that China now” to use in order to gain political influence, said Giegold. It is a “na├»ve dream to think that Germany could compete alone against the giant power of China”. Only with a strong Europe, our free model of society and the social market economy as against an authoritarian Chinese state could claim a “model”.

In the EU, China’s silk road initiative is completely different. Some countries, such as Italy, Hungary and Greece have already joined the project. Especially France met him with skepticism. Altmaier said that China was a “promising Partner and serious competitor for Germany and Europe”, therefore, a clear strategic orientation towards Beijing, while safeguarding their own interests was necessary.