Weird, most dreams are only dreams, but not all of them. A 29-year-old American woman had a dream in which she was in a high-speed rail service, on the advice of her fiancé, her engagement ring had to be swallowed in order for the item to hide from attackers. When Him and Evans in San Diego, California, woke up, she discovered, to her dismay, an empty finger. She had a jewel, has actually been sleeping in, her mouth stopped.

When Evan realized that her engagement ring was gone, she was the first one and a half hours of very hard laughter. After that, she went with her partner to go to the hospital to check to make sure the precious gems in its gullet, stomach, or intestines would be. “It turned out to be,” he writes to a woman in a hilarious post on Facebook: post a message in that short amount of time, but less than 54.000 times it was shared, and is equipped with more than 32,000 comments.

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In the first instance, it was Evans, not the burden of the ring, but after the diagnosis, doctors gave her a pain in her chest and stomach. “That’s when it was decided that the jewel was quick to remove it.” The woman was placed under anesthesia, and brought, after which specialists will use a viewing tube (endoscopy) through the mouth entered. After a while of messing around, he was the surgeon of the ring with needle-nosed pliers to grab it. “That’s when I woke up, I found the ring, not my finger, look its been restored for the patient to return. “Narcoses to have an odd effect. I was weak, and was constantly crying. And I thought, ” that is, the operation ended in failure.”

However, according to them, this positive feeling was soon the upper hand, but when her husband, Bob, at her side appeared, and the ring on her finger and shoved in. Jenna Evans, her future husband, solemnly to promise that they are in the ring, not even to eat. Such a guarantee could, however, do not. “We’ll have to Google to see how often it occurs, and that an adult in their sleep, something to eat. It turned out that this is actually the only children in common.”

and The woman says that they are, almost daily, and a realistic-like dream has. In order to avoid recurrence, the hospital for her to be put in contact with a sleep specialist. Whether that will help remains to be seen. After the incident, the coming man, Evans is sure that the marriage is anyway going ahead. “With or without a ring.”As Evans writes, it’s on Facebook that’s a nightmare for a glass of water. leegdronk to be in the ring with a large precious stone is easier to swallow it. “So I have to really wake up to have been. But then, I am, after I got my ring in a kind of sluimertoestand between sleeping and waking, had been swallowed, and I continued on with my dreams.”