A janitor had discovered the animals of 150 meters in front of the building. Hunter Falko Bärmann had been called then, the need to kill according to his own statement, two of the animals because of their severe injuries, to redeem them from their suffering.

Norbert’s mouth, the managing Director of the home, said the “märkische Allgemeine”, he was “really not an opponent of the wolves”, but it was time that “something is being done to protect the people.”

In the home 72 people live, with the addition of 20 disabled people in disabled people in group homes and 25 senior citizens in a residential facility. The residents would like to go in the area for a walk.

“There is old and very weak people. Can I be sure that the Wolf still differentiates between a resident in a wheelchair, and a piece of venison?“, asks the mouth.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Video shows stray Wolf in Magdeburg – the city now speaks a warning from beb