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The little word “be” can make a big difference. After the real estate entrepreneur Wolf-Dieter Wolf had initially rejected the majority wish in the special meeting of the RBB board of directors – he should rest his office as chairman of the board because of the allegations made against him – he decided before the special meeting of the broadcasting council three days later yes, to take this step.

At the beginning of the meeting, he had a written statement read out, in which he announced that he would “let his office as chairman of the broadcaster’s supervisory body rest until the investigation was complete, in order to avoid any appearance of influencing the full investigation of the allegations”.

The emphasis is on “his office” in the singular variant, because the chairmanship of the RBB administrative board is not the only activity of the 78-year-old for Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. Wolf-Dieter Wolf works in a similar way for the wholly-owned subsidiary RBB Media, where he chairs the supervisory board.

The ailing RBB controller, who is accused of personal contacts playing a role in the commissioning of consultants for the digital media company, is by no means resting in this office. “Mr. Wolf continues to hold the office of chairman of the supervisory board of rbb Media,” confirmed an RBB spokesman for the Tagesspiegel on request.

The activities of RBB Media are diverse. According to the subsidiary’s self-portrayal, they range from advertising in radio and television programs, program exploitation, merchandising, recording services, licenses to cooperation and sponsorship. With entrepreneurial investments, “our claim as a full-service provider” is also being strategically expanded. “We offer companies and private individuals a wide range of services. With us you get everything from a single source!” says the self-promotion of RBB Media.

Apparently, however, construction projects also belong to the area of ​​activity of RBB Media. One of the consultants at the digital media company was also commissioned with a consulting assignment for RBB Media, keyword location development, is noted in a report by “Business Insider”. The “FAZ”, which also had questions about this, was informed that the consultant’s contract with RBB Media was “not related” to the planned digital media company. “It’s about another project there,” it was said. But apparently the same consultant with whom Wolf-Dieter Wolf remembered “obviously after looking at his calendar” that he had met him before the media company was awarded the contract.

The effort of Wolf-Dieter Wolf’s work as head of the supervisory board of RBB Media is limited. The supervisory board meets about every six months and deals with the fundamental business developments of the company, explains the RBB spokesman. “The RBB Media management assures that no decisions will be made there regarding the digital media company.” The next meeting of the supervisory board is scheduled for December. It will be interesting to see who will then chair the meeting.