In the nearly four months since the elections, on the 26th of may, Vlaams belang is the only party that has a continuous campaign, to continue to carry out, especially on social media. A strategy that pays off, according to the latest Major Poll, conducted by The Latest News channel VTM Nieuws, RTL-TVI, Le Soir. The party, he also to the Greeks, is the largest, and throws about the N-VA, which is significantly below the 25 percent threshold in. For the CD&V and sp.a form of the kiesintenties is nothing short of a disaster.

The Flemish Interest . after a few months of the (open)calls, eventually, but it was excluded from government negotiations, it appears that the party has no money to lay out, far from it. The party is surprised on the 26th of may all the good we have flirted in 2014, with the new electoral threshold, so five years later, she shot up to second place.

And there is now a federal election, it would be in the party, it’s even better: the Flemish Interest is rising in the latest Major Poll, conducted by 18,7 per cent to as much as a 24.9 percent increase. Thus, if the party in the first place, and they do it better than her best score ever, for the general elections in 2004.

all The profits of the Flemish Interest, is going to be at the expense of, among others, the nva , that further continued to decrease. Went to the Flemish-nationalists on the 26th of may ease of about 25 percent, today they were just under three percentage points, the losses and the amount to 22,7 percent. That is, the lowest score in all polls conducted since the 2014.

the Blows for the CD&V and sp.a

Open Vld can occur when only one of the three traditional parties to maintain the political issues remain at 13.3 percent.

more dramatically, the christian democrats and the socialists, CD&V , datnet there is a review of the elections, he performed, is 11.7 per cent now to 10 per cent threshold, while the sp.a , there are already well below is the felgeplaagde the party of John Crombez will not go over a total of 8.4 per cent.

all The three traditional parties that have never been this small in a poll or an election, CD&V, Open Vld and sp.a get together of a few to 33.4 per cent.

Green , which is on the 26th of may, a overwinningsnederlaag having it on fast forward, but in the hopes to continue to grow, albeit with minor adjustments. The party will soon have to make a choice between the president, Meyrem Almaci, or a challenger, Björn Rzoska, gets 11 percent of the time. the LABOUR party is more or less stable at around 6 per cent.