Adam has to listen to a nasty comment because he has worked at the supermarket for ten years. He comments in a TikTok video.

Adam is followed by over 410,000 people on TikTok. But he still has another job. The man works for the British supermarket chain Iceland. For this he was now insulted on the Internet – but Adam didn’t leave the bad news uncommented. 

In one of his videos, the man from Great Britain announced that he had been working for the supermarket chain for ten years. But a user of the online platform doesn’t seem to like that at all. The person commented under one of Adam’s posts: “10 years at Iceland… bro has no ambition.” 

The supermarket employee commented on this statement in a new video and has since received a lot of support. Adam wonders why people judge people based on their job. “Don’t judge people by how they make money and pay their taxes.” He goes on to say in his video, which has already had over 370,000 views: “There is no reason to look down on people for what they do in life and how they make their money.”

Adam gets a lot of praise in the comments. For example, one person writes: “Honestly, anyone who gets up every morning and does a good job deserves respect, no matter how much they earn or what kind of job they have.”

Things are different for Mitch Marie (26). The woman has already had 17 jobs and describes herself as a “job hopper” – someone who jumps from job to job. 

She would like to work for a company for a maximum of six months. She is now looking for her 18th job. 

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