Games, 3D visualizations, and the highly-anticipated ‘Playstation 5′ will give gamers an exciting look at the current flagship from Sony is that next year – just in time for the holiday season on the market. The images stir the rumor mill, from a futuristic design in the shape of a V, whether by coincidence or not, the Roman numeral for ‘five’.

LetsGoDigitalheeft is a series of still images divided by the ‘Developers Kit’ from the Playstation 5, is specially designed for game developers. The design may be an important indication of what the new PS5 for the future. However, it may ultimately not turn out, since clearly not everyone is a fan of the unusual design.

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as The pictures show, in any case, a variety of buttons, and six USB ports as well as a large circle on the right-hand side, which is probably a camera that is 4K, live-streaming possible. At the rear, there would be five different buttons: ‘On Standby’, ‘Reset’, ‘Eject’, ‘System Initialization’ and the ‘Network Initialization’. Under the button is a floppy disk drive, of which Sony already confirmed that the blu-ray discs will be supported.