The Champions League is the story of the fingertips and the hands are behind the ears. Naples, called out to him: for the umpteenth time, the name of Dries Mertens. Four-by-four, and the third of the League Leaguewinnaar the club. His head will light up.

With platinum-blond hair, he is even more op. Dries Mertens, a combination of subtlety, power, and explosiveness. I felt clear in his sas at Liverpool, to be the best dancer in the kampioenenbal in the previous campaign. Seeing how he is after the break, as the deepest attacker with the ball deep in his own half, was wegsnoepen of a player after his team had kwijtgespeeld? Grinta.

The hunger is so great. At its thirty-second features Will still have dreams and high ambitions. That’s the Neapolitan of record is no accident, for the new year in his name – Ciro Mertens, Napoli’s topschutter all the time. The Red Devil looks to be bigger. The dilemma of ‘Scudetto’, the Italian title or Champions League, ” he answered, without taking: “why not both? The Champions League is the ultimate dream come true. A single reality that can be, if you believe in it. It all starts at the club on Tuesday. Let us match and try to win.” Eight minutes before time and had to leave the race Will return to the dot Right in the direction of glory, – a light penalty, but. He put his hands behind his ears as his name was chanted. The meter vibration by an impulse, a piekje later. This, his fourth in as many games. Kanonstart. The best of a growing number of Belgians in Europe.