Heusden-Zolder, belgium, With her wheelchair, benjispringen she had been off her bucketlist. But racing in a Lamborghini on the race track of Zolder was, until today, is still on the wish list of Andre Vervoort, aka ” Wielemie’. The athlete was suffering from an incurable disease, and has euthanasiepapieren is already available for pick up. But that’s from her today to fully kick in on the track.

“it is The very focus when you are travelling in a car. But that’s just me,” smiling She continues. “I’ve always had to have something with more kicks and punches had done. I was the first one with her in a wheelchair, and even though benji-jump. Apparently, I have this potentially life-threatening revving out, as I am, with my arms spread out at the bottom for scuba diving. But as far as I was told that this is totally not allowed. It may be while before anything hit it. Fortunately, it’s still good. Now, I’m looking for the kick back up in the Museum. Yes, it has to be the biggest dream on my bucket list. And as of today, that is true. Thanks to the many friends, sponsors, and, of course, racepiloot a Minute This my will.”

Pain her

“There was no doubt about it,” is emphasized in the Limburg pilot This. “For me, it’s just as well, it is an honour to be with ‘Wielemie to win the race. “It is clear it is not. This is because these cars are not equipped with a second seat. We have a small piece to convert it. What are we going to do? The zotteke hang out, and even with all those curves pop. Honestly? I ‘knew ‘Wielemie,” until today, not in person. All We need is the phone and text messages which are agreed in advance what we would be doing. But it is a strong lady, it is for sure. She is aware that I really use a lot of gas to go up.”

the racepiloot with the ‘Wielemie next to her, kept his word. “It was very, very, very fast on the circuit” latches Marieke Vervoort take your breath away. “I’m very, very glad that I was allowed to do so. Yes, it is my last wish on the bucket list. Now that I’m done with it. I’ve had a lot of highlights in my life: my games rolstoelatlete and my crazy challenges like this one. However, it has not been done. I just hope that this won’t be my last interview for The News. I do have a lot on my body, and every time I need to seriously recover. We would probably take a while. From now on, I’m more of the little things and enjoy the people around me, the simple things. Of course, I have a lot of pain, and it is frequently very difficult. Sometimes it’s just really bad for me, but it has to be said that the penalty ‘Wielemie to continue. Always. My most important life experience? Pick of the day. And to use them on. Not ever.”