Why the first found the skull of a Neanderthal took the bones of Cossack army of Kutuzov

Another 04/01/20 Why first found the skull of a Neanderthal took the bones of Cossack army Kutuzov –

Often it happens that the sensational discoveries or findings not immediately acquire the status of a breakthrough in the history of mankind. The first found the skull of a Neanderthal waited almost a year before they were recognized as the remains of one ancient species of human primates previously unknown to science. Although it should be noted that the skull found in 1856, was only the third discovery of the bones of Neanderthal, but recognized – earlier than their predecessors.

Russian Cossack or sick rickets

In the work by D. Johanson and M. Go, “Lucy. The origins of the human race” the detailed description of the original versions that were put forward by anthropologists, faced with these findings. Two of them are of particular interest.

Dr. Josef Mayer suggested that this skull of a Russian Cossack, who had pursued the retreating army of Napoleon strayed from the main forces and as a result died in the cave. The peculiar structure of the skull has been explained to them: like any soldier, his owner got a lot of injuries and also abused alcohol.

Rudolf Virchow expressed the view that reconciled all researchers: the skull did not belong to ancient man, and its unique structure is associated with a history in early childhood rickets, age-related arthritis and multiple severe head injuries.

about the life time of the owner of the skull, the scientists unanimously concluded that he lived in the time of Napoleon – so much attention discovery did not pay and put it aside.
Only 4 Feb 1857 held a meeting of the lower Rhine society of naturalists and doctors, which shows a skull and was called “homo neanderthalensis”.

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