Multimedia for Three years for an average user, it’s full of the same, be it a smartphone, as it turns out, always from the consumer. Part of that is because the manufacturers of that type of gebruikstermijnen have to force it, and we have them in droves in his and followed. However, the software will not be much longer than that.

Consumentenstudies which looks at how long users have to make do with a single device, almost all of them on the same figure from three years of age. It was just recently, at the same time, the conclusion of a Us study, and one that is a little closer to home, has been one of the French elektrowinkelgroep Fnac, Darty, who is in the Belgium Fnac, Vanden Borre and BCC, and running. It was not just that the average user in the three-year, sings with the device, but it is also the reason why.

Forty per cent cited that they have a new smartphone and bought it because their old, worn-out or broken it was. We all use our smartphones once in a while, very often, and the wear and tear and risk of damage to them. The vast majority of them, sixty per cent, were ‘other reasons’ to be replaced by a smart phone.

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Fixed lanceringsritme

so, What can we understand under “other reasons”? The fact that we have a new product, want. There is a standaardritme which is the major brand for their new ‘flagship initiatives’ as their most important, most innovative new aircraft launch: there was a time in the early part of the year where there will be a host of new devices coming onto the market (usually at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, somewhere on the see-saw between February and march and the second in early autumn (when it’s Apple, and Huawei, a tradition, with new appliances in as well).

the so-called ‘flagships’ have all of the best manufacturers in the home, the best screen, best camera, fastest processor, etc, etc. Thank you, of course, the prices of these things. After a period of time, seep out of these innovations to lower cost versions of the smartphone in question, which means that even consumers who do not have 700 to $ 1,000 for a smartphone is a technological stepping stone, can do it. However, the conclusion is clear: whether you’re wealthy or earlier smartphones in the mid-range buy, and the brands you’re always looking for a root for it.

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this is, of course, the effect is purely psychological, as well as that of the single consumer all more susceptible than the others. However, the smartphones that you can buy will also have a “shelf life” that depends entirely on the software that is installed on it.

the Worst student in the class, for that matter, Android operating system, which by the way, smartphones from most manufacturers running Google, the maker of the operating system, it will only guarantee up to 24 months of software updates for the system. This means that your newly purchased android smartphone and after a year or two in the trash have to do? Of course it is not. The hardware in most phones allows you to have one later to install it, and then the clock for two years takes effect.

so If you are eenSamsung Galaxy A50hebt bought it (which is currently the most popular), and you will soon be able to upgrade to the current Android 9, the new operating system, Android, is 10, and that’s after at least two years. A device that, in march of this year, have bought, will remain ‘safe’ (more of which in a moment more,) until the fall of 2021. The same goes for the google Pixel, 3adie in may, was released, and soon to be Android, Android to 10 it will get.