Style as pop Star Rihanna (31) will be presented on Tuesday its new collection of vanhaar lingerie brand on the Surface, the X Fentyop the New York’s Fashion Week. Or, at the fashion show, this time as one turns up very pregnant model, was to be seen, you know, we are not (yet) as the participants had to use their phone to leave you, and the photographers were banned.

And the Elders at the recent New York fashion week with her first lingeriecollectie showed to the models, in all different shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds, it was packed with lofberichten. Is that the bras are also available, made with no fewer than 36 dimensions, and are also available in seven skin tones, made it a commercial success. That led her to eventually own a fashion house, under the wings of LVMH,the biggest luxury house in the world, and is the property of Bernard Arnault.

It was then, also, have been looking forward to for her second show, but the attendees came in on Tuesday to have a surprise, too. The photographers were only taking pictures on the red carpet (see below), and the others were forced to leave their smart phone in sealed box, stop.

that’s why her show is on the 20th of september in more than 200 countries, excluding the emitted on the streamingsdienst Amazon Prime. There, we overigenseerder all over it. She would then know that she is the most sexy, eccentric, and energetic, experience,” is a plant that you can imagine. If that is indeed the case, we have to wait and see. However, it is known that the Elders themselves, and the show opened with a dance performance, and it is said that the performances of artists such as Halsey, Migos, Big Sean, and dj Khaled.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens