Why bearded soldiers best fight

Another 25/12/19 Why bearded soldiers best fighting

the Results of an unusual study published specialized publications of the USA, highlighting the work of the Pentagon. American scientists a few years ago during a series of experiments tried to find out how the presence or absence of a beard affect the combat qualities of soldiers and officers. It would seem a waste of time and money? Not at all! In many countries people who go to war, let go of the beard. Was not in vain.

Doping in the form of beards

according to studies of military specialists of the USA, the soldiers wearing the beard when firing much more often hit the target, much tougher, their clean-shaven counterparts. According to scientists, for the experiment was taken as 100 soldiers at the time, past the thick of the fighting in Afghanistan. Subjects were divided into four groups: 25 people special forces; media beard; 25 commandos without a beard; 25 soldiers of the regular army, who specially grew a beard, and 25 people who didn’t. Next was a conventional military exercises. However, their results are extremely surprised by the Pentagon. Fifty soldiers with the beard all indicators significantly surpassed the soldier who does not have facial hair. Moreover, it was noticed that the soldiers do not have beards, constantly gets into various unpleasant situations, who successfully avoided military personnel with facial hair. In the end, the General of the US army dames E. Mattis, even under the influence of emotions and data research made a statement in front of soldiers going to the hot spots with a call to grow a beard, he said, for their own safety.

Samson was right

Most interesting is that studies conducted by the us military, fully confirmed the text of the old Testament of the Bible. In one of the PRFitch this the oldest book of mankind, describes the history of strongman Samson, who was considered invincible warrior, able to stand alone against the whole armies of the enemy. The secret of his incredible strength, and invulnerability to arrows and swords of the enemy was in the hair and the beard that Samson never cut his. Once it had sent the predator to ferret out the secret of the invincible warrior. A woman has successfully accomplished its mission. Learn what the strength of Samson, she is out at night, secretly cut his hair and beard. The next day the strong man was seized by his enemies and imprisoned in a dungeon. However, as soon as the hair grew back as Samson came back all his former strength. The confirmation of the ancient Proverbs by practical experiments of the US military, not only once again confirmed the uniqueness contained in the Bible texts, but also explained the traditions of various peoples since ancient times is considered great warriors. In particular, on the territory of Russia for centuries, the Cossacks, the consummate professionals of the military operations, always wore mustache and beard. Living next to them the peoples of the Caucasus, is also famous for his love of the beard, as well as the talents of great warriors. However, the wearing of beards is useful not only for soldiers.

Talent is a synonym for beard

walk into any classroom in which the lessons of literature, physics, or chemistry will instantly become clear: a beard is not just an element of decoration for men’s faces. Her presence a kind not yet known to science method significantly enhances the ability of a person to mental activity, as well as to the manifestation of their talents. No wonder the vast majority of the classics of literature or scientific world had beards. Their portraits, as well as a list of literary works and discoveries eloquently about it. In addition, it can be noted that people’s signs never occur in a vacuum. A tradition not to shave and not get a haircut before exams. Just from this number. Obviously in the modern world, the male half of humanity is time to returnI traditions of our ancestors, again having grown a beard to increase their talents and abilities.

Dmitry Sokolov

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