Multimedia-More than 53 million smartwatch were sold worldwide last year. By the end of 2019 and will be 74 million. This is striking, because the smartwatch was for a long time yet, especially the sports people are interested in. Four of the reasons that the rise can be explained. 1. Sports and fitnessfreaks

One of the main reasons why you the users of a smartwatch is for the sake of the sport, and the fitnessfuncties on top of it. Some of the old-school nichemerken think, especially with the Garmin and the Polar are great, but as with the Apples and Samsungs of this world is on the cart, leaps and bounds, the market has somewhat exploded.Here you can watch the best smartwatch on the market.

Smartwatch to measure a variety of things, ranging from a distance of about heart rate to sleep patterns. The data is then stored and analysed by an app on your smartphone, which allows the smartwatch connected via Bluetooth, it is. So you are able to, gradually, your athletic performance will improve. Depending on the price, model, and brand, there are also functions such as contactless payment, or a wireless phone call or muziekbediening as possible. The apple Watch will have a Series 4doet, it is currently very good, also the reviews from the users.Here you can watch the Apple Watch will have a Series of 4.

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