Who successfully fought Hitler: allies or the Red army

History 30/01/20 Who successfully fought Hitler: allies or the Red army

the Second world war officially lasted from 1 September 1939 to 2 September 1945 (the Third Reich capitulated on may 9). However, joining the different countries in world war varies widely. As evaluation of the overall losses that range from 50 million to 80 million people soldiers and civilians in the 57 countries participating in world war II. We are interested in the German losses on the Eastern and Western fronts.

the War takes place gradually

the date of the beginning of the Second world is considered to be 1 September 1939, when Germany invaded Poland after it as the most organized provocations on the German-Polish border. Two days later France and Britain declared war on Germany. While Hitler, on 31 August 1939, signed a secret Directive No1 “On the conduct of war”, which stated that it was important to place the responsibility for the outbreak of hostilities entirely on England and France.

them Against the Third Reich and began to fight. And France quickly fell, the Germans entered Paris and only a small handful of troops led by Charles de Gaulle have continued to fight in other theatres of war. The burden of the war fell on England, which has long defended, though alone, but fiercely. So, in the Battle of Britain (July 9 — October 30, 1940) the Germans lost over 1,700 aircraft and refused landing in the British Islands. Battle of the Atlantic Germany worth 700 submarines, destroyed by the allies.

the Soviet Union was embroiled in war on 22 June 1941, USA — December 7 after the attack, Japanese aircraft at pearl Harbor. In the European theater of military action the United States appeared in 1943 during the landing on Sicily, resulting in fascist Italy withdrew from the war. Finally in the European fighting, the Americans were drawn in 1944 after the Normandy landings.

Destroying the Germans

Despite the decades since the Second world war, is still not determined the exact number of dead from all sides.

as for the German losses, according to the organization Department of the Supreme command of the land forces of the Wehrmacht on 10 may 1945, only the army, including the SS, from 1 September 1939 to 1 may 1945 lost 4,617 million.

as a result of working with archives in 1993, the Commission of the consultant of the Military memorial center of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Grigory Krivosheev, estimated that the loss of all the troops of the Third Reich on the Eastern front amounted to more than 7 million people.
Western scholars believe that the naval forces of Germany had been destroyed by 95% that the efforts of the Navy of the allies, but the loss of the German sailors make up about 2% of the total. Almost 70% of the losses, the Luftwaffe also recorded on the allies that in January 1945 exceeds 57 thousand, however, the pilots of the red army destroyed 39.8% of Nazi pilots.

the Most thorough research on today held a German historian, Colonel rüdiger Overmans published in 2000 in Munich book “German military losses in world war II”. The basis for the study was a card index of German Agency WASt alert relatives of the fallen. Overmans says confidently that the basic losses of the Germans, 65%-70%, have on the Soviet-German front.

the Performance of the red army becomes even more impressive when you consider the losses on the Eastern front of the German allies: Hungary
from 120 thousand to 200 thousand military; Romania — up to 520 thousand; Finland — 83 thousand.

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