A&E and Lifestyle have produced the documentary series “Janet Jackson”, which aims to explore the extraordinary life of the singer-songwriter as fully and candidly as possible. It’s told through the eyes and experiences of the entertainment star herself. This includes her childhood, professional and personal life, as well as her failed marriages, and her unwavering ambitions. We have a lot of information about her unhappy marriage to James DeBarge.

Janet Jackson and James DeBarge’s Relationship History

Robert DeBarge Sr. gave him to him when he was seven years of age. Like his parents, James Curtis DeBarge and Etterlene Abney DeBarge are members of a musical family who rose to prominence during the 1980s. According to reports, the Michigan natives made the move to California in order to continue their DeBarge band career and met the Jacksons. Both Janet and James were shy and gravitated towards each other. This led to them becoming close and starting a relationship at the age of 16.
Two years later, the couple were married in September 1984. However, Janet discovered that her husband, now aged 18, couldn’t quit his drug habit. Janet acknowledged that James was a sweet man, but on their wedding night he said “OK, I’ll return.” And while Janet was just 18 years old, she is sitting alone in a Grand Rapids hotel room, Michigan. He never returned.

Janet would spend many nights on the streets searching for James. She would also get into heated arguments about James’ safety. She said, “We’d be fighting over [the drugs] all across the floor.” “I sit here and think, “Were you stupid, or were you stupid?” But it wasn’t that. I cared deeply about him and saw the best in him. All I wanted was that this ugly side to be overshadowed by it. I was aware that he needed help, so I reached out to him. After only one year, they annulled their marriage in November 1985.

Where is James DeBarge now?

According to our records, James DeBarge is the father of three children. Kristinia was born in 1990, James Jr. was born 1990 and James III was born 1990. Tori (born 2001) and Tori (born 1998). Despite these, DeBarge was briefly jailed for assault with a deadly instrument and narcotics possession. It seems that the Los Angeles native, Californian, is trying to stay out of the limelight these days.