When the Germans used biological weapons against the red Army

History 04/01/20 When the Germans used biological weapons against the red Army

the manufacturers of the weapons of the Third Reich experimented a lot, tried to build an atomic bomb and a jet plane, a giant cannon and powerful chemical weapons. But the most terrible experiments with military objectives carried out by the doctors of the German concentration camps (Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, ravensbrück). Supervised these experiments and evaluated the results of the Reichsfuhrer-SS Himmler.

the Nazi doctors infected the unfortunate prisoners in the camps from typhus, tuberculosis, pyogenic microbes and watched as hundreds of people died. The doctors checked the medical supplies, which could then be used for the treatment of these diseases (by the way, many German doctors who worked on the creation of biological weapons and conducted horrific experiments in the concentration camps, he then worked for the US army). But there was another goal is to check whether you can create an effective biological weapon. Similar ideas were the Germans during the previous war, the First world war. Then planned, for example, to infect and produce in Petrograd a plague of rats. In another case, the causative agent of plague filled the shells that bombarded the enemy trenches.

In 1943, field Marshal Keitel, chief of the main staff of the German army, ordered the troops to prepare for bacteriological warfare. The aim of the Nazis was to arrange of the epidemic, especially in the rear of the red army. The experiments on obtaining of malarial mosquitoes was carried out in Dachau. The main difficulty was to select the species of mosquitoes that is most adapted to transport aircraft over long distances and are resistant to starvation. What the outcome of these studies is unknown. The only known results of this work are considered to be malaria in Italy 55 thousand people before the arrival of the allied forces – then the malaria bacteria are launched into the swamp, where they have been introduced in mosquitoes. The idea however, the failed American and British troops massively used drugs against malaria.

But although the incident in Italy is considered only when the Wehrmacht used biological weapons, there was also a case of disease on the Eastern front, successfully against the advancing soldiers of the red army. When retreating from the area between the Pripyat and the Berezina, the Germans rounded up all patients with fever and evacuees who lived in the front line, the camp Ozarichi. Drove there under pain of death, all Soviet citizens, which were able to detect.

Several thousand patients with typhus concentrated there on purpose, knowing that the camp would be liberated by the advancing Russian soldiers. The people in the camp were in a hopeless situation – no medicines, no food. The prospect was only death. The aim of the Germans was to provoke an epidemic among the Soviet soldiers. General Weidling on interrogation in Moscow in 1951, responding to a question why he refused to participate in another crime, said: “At that time I was deprived of human feelings of compassion, and I was absolutely indifferent to the fate of hundreds of Soviet citizens were herded into the camp in Ozarychi”. For this and other war crimes (atrocities, the murder of prisoners of war and civilians, the destruction of homes and businesses) Weidling was convicted and died in Vladimir Central in 1955.

Camp in Ozarychi was released on March 18, 1944 fortunately, serious epidemics have been avoided, and the effective biological weapons before the end of the war, the Nazis didn’t create.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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