iHLN, Donald Trump, and has Apple’s ceo Tim Cook has publicly asked for order to go to the physical buttons. This year, none of the iPhone model of the well-known home button, and the U.s. president is not at all happy with it. “Tim: the button was so much better than the flick,’ complains that he is on Twitter.

It is worth noting that the ‘most powerful man on earth to complain about a product of a “good friend” – Tim Cook (who he has, in the past, ‘Tim, as Apple called it). Supposedly, He recently had a sign in the telephone apparatus, and, he had to his frustration, a moment of mine.

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the new iPhones (starting from iPhone, X to unlock the users, the phone’s screen, from bottom to top swipe. At the moment it is a Face ID to be activated in order for the user to gain access to the show. Previously, it was with a finger print scanner within the physical button on the phone.

of Course, going to be the Twittering fellows in the release of the complaint to the president. Thus, to compare several twitter users to the button that is on the phone with the legendary “big red button” that the president of the nuclear attack can be performed.

It is a question of whether Apple’s chief executive, hearing going to be the one. Anyway, it’s Donald Trump is not the most tech-friendly person on the planet. According to the rumors, ” it is in 2017, for the first time in a few years, a direct dial telephone. He used a Samsung Galaxy S3 from 2012, and a phone that won’t be security updates anymore, was present.