In bruges After the loading match between Cercle and Club Brugge it is on Saturday night, different places, until the riots came to be. The tension after the match, probably had a lot to do with the skirmishes in the stands during the game. Mayor, Dirk De fauw (CD&V) was present in person at the stadium, and the case is not one to just let them pass by. “It was terrifying to look at. There will still be a generous word to talk about it,” said De fauw.

a Short time after the kick-off, walked out of the discussions at the Jan breydel stadium is already high. The team of Cercle Brugge crossed ostentatiously as a flag of blue-white neighbors, is on fire in the stands. The fire department had to intervene, and the flames were several chairs ruined. Fans of Club Brugge responded through a firecracker on the field, to be disposed of. In the meantime, you have had plenty of the city police, all of the fans out of the stands taken that pyrotechnic material is read (bangla) – fireworks – with them. That, however, could not prevent the Club’s fans, yet you’re a firework afstaken in the box. That was it, however, is not. “After the game to put the excitement continues outside of the stadium,” says police spokeswoman Lien Depoorter. On social media, it is up to both the blue-and-black and green-and-black-side of shame is spoken, and to point the finger at each other. “Our services are available at various locations around the stadium we need to intervene. It was a case of assault and battery, on both sides,” said the police. The next day, the police will continue to supporters to identify who, both within and outside of the stadium, and for the difficulties caused. They are at risk of a criminal prosecution and to impose. Seriously injured while in the whatsoever thank goodness!