What Zhukov wanted to lose a photojournalist who shot ruined Reichstag

History 14/01/20 what Zhukov wanted to lose a photojournalist who shot ruined Reichstag

Famous photographer Victor Temin, author of the legendary picture of the defeated Reichstag, really illegally used the aircraft Georgy Zhukov on behalf of the Marshal. Zhukov was furious: first he even wanted to shoot Temin. However, learning about why the photographer took such a desperate step, the captain changed the temper justice with mercy.

the Mystery of the famous picture

according to Vladimir Nikitin, the author of the book “Stories about photographers and photographs,” the authorship of the picture of the defeated Reichstag, a fluttering Banner of Victory really belongs to Victor Antonovich Tamino. The story the entire world press, Temin made aboard flying over burning Berlin of the aircraft. This epochal event occurred on 1 may 1945. However, on the back of the photo Viktor Antonovich somehow indicated on may 2. And this is not the only mystery now legendary pictures.

So Grigory Kiselev in the publication “an Inconvenient truth about the capture of the Reichstag. Search, research, reconstruction” writes that there is no flag on the day of the Reichstag actually was not. This fact was revealed when film developing. However, in the newspaper “Pravda” on 3 may 1945, the Temin came out with developing a banner. That on the job retouchers, and maybe he and Viktor Temin, and indicate the violated laws of perspective: scale descent from the air of the building the flag was supposed to look just like a tiny drop.

Flight “Douglas”

meanwhile, Victor Temin, however, as the pilot continued to insist that the day he really saw the flags over the Reichstag. It is possible that Temin and really believed in it, otherwise why would he take that risk? The fact that the correspondent had hijacked a plane Georgy Zhukov. Experienced reporter knew immediately that his picture of the defeated Reichstag hundredno real sensation. But it required urgently to deliver the film in Moscow. And Temin have not invented anything better than to be on one of the Berlin airports.

according to Mr Kwok, the author of the book “Year of birth – twenty-four,” at that moment there was a plane Georgy Zhukov. Without thinking, Victor Temin turned to the personal pilot of the Marshal, and assured him that he has instructions for the speedy delivery of the photos with the flag on the Reichstag for the delivery to Stalin. According to one version, the bugs really allowed Tamino “ride” on his “Douglas,” but only to the Polish town of Rzeszow. But when the plane arrived, the photographer lied to the pilot, saying, beetles were allowed to fly to Moscow.

the Order instead of shooting

In the usual sense be called the theft an act of Viktor Temin, of course, impossible. However, as rightly pointed out by D. I. Ortenberg in his book “Front-line days and nights”, neither the pilot nor the photographer didn’t need a password and permissions to cross the border of the Soviet Union, and therefore risked being attacked by our own anti-aircraft artillery. However, landed “Douglas” quite well. But Georgy Zhukov was furious. Nikolay Yamskoy, the author of the book “Who took the Reichstag”, claims that the Marshal ordered the arrest of Temin. And Alexander Nilin in his book “Station Peredelkino” writes that Zhukov wanted to shoot Victor Antonovich.

meanwhile, neither that, nor another has not occurred. Knowing steep but forgiving temper of the Marshal, Temin decided to lay low and the first time not to get angry warlord on the eyes. After a pause, Victor Antonovich came to the reception to Zhukov and silently put before it the issue of the newspaper “Pravda” with the famous picture. As writes Gregory Kiselev, citing the words of Temin, Zhukov suddenly brightened and said, for that kind of work a journalist worthy of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. As for the hijacking, as expressed by Felix Chuev, author of the book “Soldiers of the Empire,” Victor Thosen instead of the execution of the received order of the red Star.

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