What strange habits have been Stalin

History 26/12/19 What strange habits was Stalin

Despite the fact that Joseph Stalin led the country for almost 30 years, he, like any other man, had his own habits. Many of these habits can seem strange. However, the presence of the leader is confirmed not only by historians, but by eyewitnesses.

the Dog instead of the dishwasher

One of the strange habits of Josef Stalin made the famous revolutionary Yakov Sverdlov to move out of their shared living space and to find herself another apartment. The fact that in 1913, Stalin, and Sverdlov were exiled to the Turukhansk region. In the settlement of Kureyka exiles settled in the house Tarasievich where having a joint household. The revolutionaries themselves cooked the food, washed dishes, cleaned. Here only Stalin such classes are not too fond of. According to Eugene Hussars in his book “Stalin’s life” with reference to the memoirs of Nikita Khrushchev, the leader talked about the fact that after eating Sverdlov always wash a spoon and plates. But Joseph trusted Vissarionovich this case the dog, which, by the way, named Yashka. “Put a plate on the floor, the dog will lick and everything is clean” laughed Stalin.

Not a working day and working night

After 11 years after the events described Stalin became head of state, however, from this circumstance, strange habits had not diminished. Thus, the historian Roy Medvedev in his book “the Unknown Stalin” mentions that Stalin preferred to work during the day, like everyone else, and late in the evening and at night. A schedule of the leader asked virtually non-stop operation of the commissariats and other government agencies. According to Andrey Khoroshevskaya, the author of the book “100 famous symbols of the Soviet epoch,” during the night, Stalin did not hesitate to call any Commissar and ask him his question. It is clear that, knowing this, many officials also did not sleep. As a rule, Joseph WyssAronovich were getting into bed after 4 am and got up about 11 o’clock.

Errors in the books

most Often read Stalin also night. Stalin was very fond of reading, as evidenced by its extensive library. Some books the leader just watched, some I read very carefully and even multiple times. If you believe the newspaper “Stalin. The main documents”, Stalin himself admitted that his daily rate was 500 pages. With reading was associated and another curious habit of the leader of the country.

Bibliographer of Evgeny Zolotukhina, which was entrusted to the books of Stalin after his death, claimed that Stalin could not tolerate grammatical and stylistic errors, therefore, were required to correct them directly in the books, the red pencil. Often, writes Simon Sebag Montefiore in “Stalin. Yard red monarch”, Stalin was also put down by the various comments in the margins, like: “Lie!” “Lies!”, “Complete nonsense!”.

Old shoes

as for books, Stalin regularly ordered a new edition. But with clothes and shoes the situation was just the opposite. As recalled Sergei Debov, who was order an autopsy of the body of the leader, in order to put Stalin for the upcoming funeral, a General brought from the country of his stuff. Debow was amazed worn the shoes of Joseph Stalin. “He other was not. He always went to these,” replied the captain.

However, one day, according to Vladimir Loginov in his book “the Living Stalin. Revelations of the chief of the bodyguard”, the guards chipped in, bought Stalin new shoes to the old shoes. In the morning the chief saw the substitution and called the maid Matrona. She was aware of and tried to persuade Stalin, saying that uncomfortable, you’re still the Generalissimo. But the Generalissimo ordered the girl to return the shoes worn at the scene.

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