WW3MBJ Old man in the streets of colonial village in the center of Jerico, Colombia

If you’re considering a move to South Carolina and aren’t sure about any city besides Charleston or Myrtle Beach: it’s time to learn about the magic that is Columbia!  This fantastic city feels like paradise once you arrive, and with a smaller population of just over 130,000 people, you never have to feel the rush and overwhelming feeling that comes with so many cities.

These are the top things people love about living in Columbia and why you should consider moving here soon!

Long and Interesting History

Columbia has an incredible history that goes back thousands of years to the first indigenous people who lived here.  Signs of life can be traced back to over 14,000 years, and it’s incredible how much has been saved and is available to be viewed in local museums.  Of course, in the last four hundred years, the area has spun into what we now recognize as Columbia, and in that time, it’s seen wars, incredible battles, and fantastic changes that are continuing to happen.  This is a great place to learn how far this country has come and how much further it can go.

Small-Town Meets Big Town

Many people don’t want to live in a giant city because they don’t want to deal with constant traffic and crowds- but the idea of living in a rural area terrifies them.  Columbia is the perfect balance between the two, allowing you to have small-town vibes while also getting the shops and access that come with any large city.  Although this isn’t a massive city, it still has a ton to do and see and won’t leave you bored.

Fantastic Weather Year Round

If you’re in the market for one of the gorgeous Columbia houses for sale, you’re going to love the weather here.  Not only are the winters as mild as can be, but the summers are perfect and not too overwhelming.  You get to enjoy watching the seasons change, which can make the passage of time feel more real and give you the opportunity to enjoy the

Awesome Southern Food

Comfort food is a must as long as you’re in a southern city!  The comfort food in Columbia has its classics, like fried chicken and awesome biscuits and bread, but also plenty of unique seafood and treats that will keep you coming back for more and more.  The comfort food here is unworldly and extremely highly rated.

Incredible and Fun Nightlife

The nightlife in Columbia is like none other!  Not only are there countless bars and clubs, but you can find drive-in theaters, late-night kayaking groups, and more.  This is a fantastic place to make sure you’re never bored.


Columbia takes a work-life balance seriously, so you don’t have to stress about taking on too much work or never having time to have fun.  This city is surrounded by gorgeous nature you’ll get to explore every day!

Columbia Will Blow You Away!

Whether you’re looking for somewhere affordable or you’re interested in escaping chilly winters, Columbia can feel like a dream come true.  Consider visiting soon!