The village of Houthalen-Helchteren is A German dead soldier was found with a metal detector in your back yard, it is already quite a punishment. But the man, after 75 years, to identify, is a different kettle of fish. Archaeologists deal in the body of this week and dig it up. “Let’s just hope that’s his name-plate there,” says Sam De Decker, an archaeologist at the archaeological Heritage.

a 7-year-old, Thomas Our of Helchteren and found a skull and a oorlogshelm in the garden. This includes, of course, the body of a missing soldier. The victim had died at the battles from 7 to 9 september 1944. The North-South – one of the crucial main route of tactical importance in the bevrijdingsfase as a temporary base. The British people in the west continue to attack, with a rock-hard battle of three days. A dozen or so burgers and a pack of soldiers came to life.

This week, another dig with the service Heritage of the body of the Kazernelaan in Helchteren on this. “It could be a couple of days,” says Sam De Decker, an archaeologist at the archaeological Heritage.“The body will be studied and measured. An anthropologist will make an estimate of the age. After the war handed over to the police, who have to do the same in the direction of the Service Counts. Germany will be informed and they will decide whether or not further research is being carried out.”