What are the rewards always were required to wear red

History 05/02/20 What awards have always had to wear red

In early 1943 in appearance (army uniform) soldier worker-peasant red Army have been great changes. The reason for this was the improvement of the situation on the fronts: the Nazis attack bogged down, the situation has stabilized, confidence in victory grew. Despite the fact that the enemy was not yet defeated, the high command embarked on reforms, which were conceived long ago.

shoulder Straps

In January 1943, Stalin approved the draft of the General-the Colonel of the quartermaster service A. khruleva: in the Soviet army introduced new uniforms and badges of rank — epaulettes. The latter was divided into everyday and field – for being on the front or awaiting departure. In the design field (combat) shoulder straps dominated green color, everyday was more colorful and ceremonial. One of the objectives was to emphasise the role of command and more convenient orientation in the hierarchy. Judging by the memoirs, when discussing the feasibility of the introduction of the shoulder straps often expressed opinion about the origin of associations with the Royal army, but the environment of the leader considered these thoughts with prejudice.

the Burden of guard

At the end of June 1943, two weeks before the start of the battle of Kursk, the people’s Commissariat of defense issued an order regarding the wearing of special characters. Sign wounds, which was a rectangular stripe on the tunic with a visual indication of the number and severity of injuries, were instructed to wear mandatory, while in front, casual and field uniform. This rule applies to the sign of “Guard” for soldiers of the infantry and Navy. The soldiers of the guard was to serve as an example for others, especially in the front, in the trenches. The idea of the innovations raised the morale.

the Birth of a guard

Marshal of the Soviet Union Kliment Voroshilov and a member of the party Central Committee Andrey Zhdanov aresmiling authors in the introduction part of the army “guards” units, by analogy with the red guard Bolsheviks of 1917 were the most resistant of the creators of the revolution. The title for the first time has four small divisions of the Leningrad people’s militia in 1941. In 1942 the personnel of such units relied increased allowance. The guards became part of the demonstrated heroism, courage and exemplary discipline in the tasks of the bet. The size of military formations did not matter: the Soviet guard was ranked as companies, battalions and regiments, and the whole corps and armies. Rewarded of the armed forces were also different: infantrymen, tankmen, cavalrymen, pilots-fighters, miners, shelf communication, surface ships, separate authority bringing up the squadrons of chemical protection and even tank school in Ulyanovsk and Kiev.

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