Making money from your website becomes even more difficult task than 5-7 years ago. Popularity of adblocking software has lead to decline in Publishers’ income. Searching of extra ways how to earn money is a good idea, but there are some tips you might have missed, however they are useful ones and plain to see.

How to make some extra money for publishers?

If using ads, let them be native ads

Due to nature of such ads, they can adapt to any design and style. Thus, they are less annoying and distracting users from their online business.

Create content for VIP users or Some lines about Membership content

Think which news, interesting facts, lifehacks and so on you can find and post it on your website. Some part of it can be available for all the users, but the rest text will be shown to subscribed users or those who have paid a certain fee.

Don’t be greedy – even 1$ if you have 100 subscribers can bring you a nice supplement to your monthly revenue.

This method is very good, as there is no restriction minimum number of “special” users. Additionally to money you get contact information, like emails to continue dialogue with your customers.

Implement sponsored content

The theme of blogging is very popular nowadays and bloggers often publish the material of a particular brand or even mention it in their videos saying they use it. People are prone to believe in someone’s weighty opinion and more eagerly click the links  – as a result, they get a trusted product, the brand has higher conversion or awareness and you have some extra money.

Ask for donation

Good projects are honest with their audience and ask to invest some money for product improvements and further releases. Brilliant and interesting topics are shared with friends and eagerly supported later.

The only recommendation here is to make a dropdown list for people to choose the sum they could invest. Some people would like to help, but if they can’t be prompted they may do nothing at all as they think that one dollar is nothing or a shameful charity. But you know it isn’t so.

Buy a small website or blog and sell it later

Small and not famous websites can be purchased for low prices. After getting it into shape like traffic increasing, seo optimization and content improvement – the price will reach stratospheric level. You will also get some money from posting ads and other goodies while owing it.

Final word

There are so many options for publishers to get extra money so one may not know where to look first. One thing is really true: different approaches will bring different results from the point of traffic, engagement, conversions etc. But you have no reason to use only way, but adopt several ones to gain results from different sides.