The process to get the weapons to the arms company Heckler & Koch shipments to Mexico goes in front of the Federal court of justice. The convicted former employees as well as the Prosecutor’s office and the weapons manufacturer as a secondary party to have lodged an appeal against the judgment of the past week, informed the regional court of Stuttgart. In the process, there is the question of how between 2006 and 2009, more than 4,500 assault rifles of the type G36 and sub-machine guns and accessories to the value of around 4.1 million euros in unrest regions in Mexico were able to enter, although you may there be supplied.

a week Ago, the Stuttgart regional court had sentenced two former employees of probation. The court had considered it proven that has involved a former sales Manager at the tape of export of weapons on the basis of fraudulently obtained permits. A former clerk to have made the aid guilty. Both sentences were suspended on probation. The prosecution had originally demanded prison sentences of more than two years.

Heckler & Koch must have to pay according to the judgment, in addition, a penalty of EUR 3.7 million. Three other defendants, two former Directors and a former head of sales of goods has been acquitted.

the Background is that German arms manufacturers can’t export your goods without a permission of the Federal government abroad. The suspicion that the weapons could end up in crisis areas or in States where you need to violations of human rights, the export permit is to be refused, in principle, to the war weapons control act requires it.