the Virologist, doctor of biological Sciences Sergei Netesov commented on the situation with the explosive growth in the number of city’s residents are infected with coronavirus.

Today, the city has registered 97 new cases, and the total number of patients exceeded 2,300 people. Netesov said about what awaits us in the coming weeks and what might be the reasons for the growth of the time.

— Ugly people carry out the recommendation of the Governor and specialists, doom themselves to infection. It’s just a lack of common sense. Let’s look at a very clear figure of how many people today are drawn and how many have been admitted to hospital: discharged 11 employees, the new infected 97. This means that 86 additional beds still occupied. This is where the suits? Soon we will remain without hospitals. I encourage people to mind, and this mind must be expressed in actions, namely, mandatory wearing of masks at all public events, in stores, anywhere. Moreover, it should be clear to everyone that this virus is unique: we basically infect asymptomatic carriers, and such carriers are you in the eye does not recognize. So must be the universal mode of alertness and protection. Then we will be able to do something, because we still dispersed and not slowing down, explained Netesov.