Coal phase-out, climate change, sector coupling: The briefing for the energy and climate sector. For decision makers

Unlike in Germany, we have hardly any gas requirements for electricity production in the summer because of the renewable energies. We will start our energy saving campaign in autumn when the heating season starts, because that is when we will have the greatest impact in private homes.

It is then about jobs and economic developments, which is why we collected data and further developed existing emergency plans. In a first phase, we will stay with the market, companies can trade gas with each other, only in the second step does government intervention come into play. But Parliament has a say in that.

We know where a particularly large number of climate tickets were sold or how many under-26s or older people use the offer. Their specific motives and how mobility behavior has changed is being surveyed with accompanying research.

We have responded with booster trains, additional information on the platforms, or advise people to reserve a seat on busy travel days. In addition, we want to double capacity by 2040 and will invest more than four billion euros in new trains in the coming years.