(Kyiv) Several explosions were heard Thursday in Kyiv, the day after a night of drone attacks on the Ukrainian capital.

AFP reporters saw a drone that the anti-aircraft defense was trying to shoot down, while the Kyiv military administration reported that “the air defense is in action”.

The explosions stopped after about fifteen to twenty minutes. Reporters then saw a cloud of black smoke billowing, as the Kyiv City Military Administration announced that the airstrike warning was over.

“The enemy drone has been shot down,” said presidential chief of staff Andrei Yermak while Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported “explosions and fires in the capital’s Solomyansky district” and warned of the possible fall drone debris.

“In the Solomyansky district, rescuers contained a fire in a four-story building,” the mayor added, noting that “nobody has asked for medical help so far.”

The alerts came after Kyiv endured a fresh wave of attacks overnight Wednesday-Thursday.

On Thursday morning, Sergei Popko, the head of the military administration of the city of Kyiv, declared that “our city has not experienced such an intensity of strikes since the beginning of this year”. Popko then said it was the third strike day on Kyiv in May.