(Moscow) A freight train in the Russian region of Bryansk, bordering Ukraine, derailed due to the detonation of an “explosive device” on the tracks for the second day in a row, without causing any casualties, the local governor said Tuesday.

“An unidentified explosive device was detonated near Snejetskaya station,” Bryansk region governor Alexander Bogomaz said the day after a similar derailment in the same area and on the heels of a series of incidents, while Kyiv says it is preparing its counter-offensive.

“The incident resulted in the derailment of a locomotive and several train cars,” he added, adding that there were no casualties.

The station is located two kilometers from the region’s main town, Bryansk.

On Monday, an explosion derailed a freight train, which partially caught fire, near the town of Ounetcha, closer to the Ukrainian border than Tuesday’s derailment.

Russia’s state-owned railway company said in a statement that a freight train derailed on Tuesday due to “the intervention of unauthorized persons in the work of the railway transport”, without mentioning an explosive device. .

The company said the incident occurred at 7:47 p.m. local time (12:47 p.m. Eastern Time) between Snejetskaya and the village of Belye Berega.

She alleged that the locomotive and “about 20 cars” had derailed and that traffic on that section had been suspended.

Numerous sabotages on railways in Russia have been reported since Moscow launched its offensive against Ukraine in February 2022, but this is the first time this week that officials have confirmed attacks of this magnitude.