Are you of the opinion that your package should messenger be properly paid? The Governess Of Your Children? The nurse who takes care of her mother? Most of the people are answers to these questions is probably Yes. It is not justified, in fact morally easy to see why someone who cares for other people, earned only half as much as one that builds on the Assembly line of a car body together.

in this respect, it is good news that the parties to a collective agreement have agreed on the weekend after long negotiations, a comparatively strong increase in wages in the public service. Trained nurses obtained, for example, now up to 380 euros more gross in the month.

The countries have to spend, therefore, however, about seven billion euros more for staff. And the money does not fall from the sky, but comes from the budget and missing again elsewhere. Which brings us to the core of the matter: If the package offered, educator or carer should be decently paid, then the need to pay yet again. And we are at the end of all. The shipping fees, the taxes, the contributions to nursing care insurance.

This article dates back to the TIME no 11/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

in other words: Who wants fair wages and must also pay fair prices. Therefore, the question of the appropriate wage is highly political. In truth, a part of the population benefits from it, is quite that of the other part of work for little money, and currently, only thanks to government grants enough to live on. If the salaries should rise in the lower income area strong, then there would be no kebab for 3,50 Euro more and no Mr hair cut for ten Euro. Then these things would be more expensive.

How to get the looks in practice, you can look at in Switzerland. There, the minimum wage for an unskilled worker in the hospitality industry is the equivalent of over 3000 Euro in a month, for a Pizza in cities like Zurich are rarely under 20 euros, and a visit to a restaurant with the family is for high earners is a luxury. That’s the price of justice.