Volunteers of the party

Repair and painting of playgrounds, garbage collection in various parts of Novosibirsk and region, improvement of yards, assistance to animal shelters — this is not a complete list of activities that is carried out by volunteers of the party “New people” within the launched on 12 June in the marathon of good deeds. According to the activists, their main idea was not only to make the city more comfortable, cleaner and kinder, but also to encourage its residents not to expect help from the government, and refresh the space around them with their hands.

the Main bridge of Novosibirsk — Bugrinskij — has long been one of the landmarks of the city. Probably, there is no local resident or visitor, which would not be the photos of this engineering miracle. But what happens under the bridge by its supports on both banks of the Ob river, the camera lenses carefully avoid. Plastic bags and bottles, old clothes, rusty tin cans, tires and other miscellaneous debris disturb the idyllic picture.

I hate to be that close to the centre of my hometown, a five minute walk from the Bugrinskaya grove is actually a dump — says, sending another piece of dirty plastic in the big black bag, volunteer Aladdin Safarov. — So we with a group of volunteers decided to rectify the situation themselves. Going, bought trash bags and came for cleaning. After a couple of hours you won’t recognize this place.

Information about the problem points comes not only from Ecopetrol volunteers of the party “New people” through social networks activists are collecting applications from residents who are ready to work together with volunteers to make the city better.

Residents of the neighborhood No. 8 in Berdsk complained that the long wait for the sandbox, and after contacting the volunteers new sandbox appeared within 48 hours.

I know what my friend wrote to the group requesting to help us landscape the yard, — says a local resident Artem Smooth. The guys responded, and we did collectively ennobled site. We ourselves, tothe usual, hands did not reach. But when you see that outsiders impose order at home… Honestly, it was embarrassing. Took the gloves and joined the guys.

to participate in the marathon and to become a volunteer, simply write in the group of the party of “New men Novosibirsk” “Vkontakte”. There you can share the problem and ask for help in solving it. However, the activists emphasize that their main goal is to not only make the city ourselves, but also to include in this process people.

— Everyone wants to live in a comfortable and well-maintained yard, the neighborhood, the city as a whole, — says the coordinator of the marathon of good deeds Daria Karaseva. — But it is not enough to sit and wait, when the authorities begin to deal with your specific problem. In order to get something, you need something to do. For example, not to squander himself, not to pass by thrown by an urn pieces of paper, to fill out an application and become a volunteer. Let us work together to change the world around us.