A video that has caused horror has been circulating on social networks for days. It shows young people on Sylt chanting xenophobic slogans during a party. Now it’s clear who the people in the clip are.

At first it looks like a wild party, a lot of fun, a boozy evening. The video, which is currently circulating on social networks and established media, shows young people celebrating. But anyone who turns on the sound will be stunned.

Some people present chant phrases like “Foreigners out!” and “Germany for the Germans!” A young man holds two fingers to his mouth and raises his hand in the air, apparently imitating Adolf Hitler. None of the bystanders seem to be bothered by it.

The video is said to have been made on the Pentecost weekend in the outdoor area of ​​the Sylt posh club “Pony”. It is already clear that the incident has repercussions for some of the people seen in the clip.

Because: The state security agency is investigating charges of incitement to hatred and the use of unconstitutional license plates. This emerges from a report by “Spiegel”. For several bullies, the scandalous appearance also has professional consequences, as several media reports.

According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, the man who is pressing two fingers to his mouth worked for an advertising agency until recently. His employer apparently recognized Moritz N. and “immediately terminated him without notice”.

The Munich agency Serviceplan made an Instagram statement that could refer to N. It says: “We are a cosmopolitan company and live our mission of strength through diversity in all of our Houses of Communication with 6,000 colleagues from more than 50 countries worldwide every day.”

Racism “will not be tolerated in any form within the agency group.” When the Sylt incident became known, “immediate action was taken and termination without notice was given.”

N.’s father apparently works as a doctor in the Allgäu. When asked by the “Bild” newspaper, he did not want to comment on the current incidents – also on behalf of his son.

N. is not the only one for whom the shouting in the posh club has consequences. At the beginning of the scandal video, a young woman can also be seen shouting “Foreigners out, Germany for the Germans!”: Elisa K..

According to the “Bild” newspaper, she comes from a rich family that lives in the Hamburg area and previously worked for the well-known influencer Milena Karl. After the events on the outside area of ​​the “Pony”, she also lost her job.

In an Instagram story, Karl wrote that she was “shocked, horrified and hurt” that “one of the people in the video was employed by me.” For Karl, as she explains in the story, it was clear that she would end the collaboration immediately.

The influencer makes it clear at the end of her statement how much the Sylt video upsets her. “I am a migrant myself and as an expectant mother, everything shown in this video represents a society in which I do not want to raise my child.”

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences also spoke out in connection with the Sylt video. There is a suspicion that “one of the people involved is a student at the university,” according to a public statement.

The facility also said: “Such behavior is absolutely not normal and unacceptable. As a cosmopolitan university, we stand firmly against this and will not tolerate such inhumane statements in any form.”

Apparently a large part of the group chanting xenophobic slogans in the video lives in Munich, according to a report by the Cologne broadcaster “RTL”. This also applies to Maximilian F., who has made a name for himself as a luxury influencer.

Juri B., who cannot be seen in the video, is also said to have been there. He worked as a consultant for medium-sized companies, according to the report in the “Bild” newspaper. The emphasis is on “worked” – because apparently the same fate as Elisa K. and Moritz N. befell him.

The newspaper quotes his employer as saying: “We are shocked by the vile content of the video. When the incident became known, we reacted immediately and terminated the employee without notice.”

By the way: Deutsche Bank also reacted to the Sylt video in a story on Instagram. The post suggests that someone who can be seen or heard in the “Foreigners Out” clip also works there.

“We clearly distance ourselves from opinions and comments like those expressed in the video currently circulating,” the story says. Information is currently being examined.

The operators of the Sylt “Pony” bar are shocked. Tom Kinder told FOCUS online that they didn’t even notice what was going on. “We are a cosmopolitan store,” he told our editorial team. “Nazi slogans are not welcome here!”

In a post on Instagram, the bar’s operators also explained that they had been provided with the names of those shouting xenophobic slogans on the video. What this means is clear: “We will report this disgusting behavior and use all criminal law options!!!”