to Look in the mirror at least from time to time is helpful, regardless of whether you like what he saw or not. Likewise, nice to hear opinions about the city made no polite flattery. Explorer NGS Stas Sokolov decided to collect some opinions from people who heard them from their own friends who came from other cities and countries. The image turned out… multifaceted.

Andrey Pozdnyakov, guide: “City at us such, that it is better to tell”

— About the Novosibirsk tourists usually don’t know about anything except written in Wikipedia: located on the TRANS-Siberian river Ob, the third in population. At a little more than the age of the audience can be a kind of fetish — Akademgorodok. Guests from other regions of Siberia appreciate the zoo. What intellectual level is higher, the better perceived the city. It is possible to abstract from the broken sidewalks and talk about the history, culture. What is really there — the city at us such, that it is better to tell than to show.