The Irish airline Ryanair has for the first time, a collective agreement under German law. After months of negotiations with the trade Union ver.di the 1,100 flight attendants and flight attendants are to receive € 600 more in base salary per month. The conclusion provides for further salary increases of up to 250 euros a month, told the Union. In addition, the flight attendants would receive an annual minimum guarantee of 600 hours.

“It is a great success, that in the case of Ryanair for the first time, German labour and social law for all people employed in Germany will be applied,” said ver.di Board member Christine Behle. With the collective agreement, the employees covered by the German termination protection act, at the same time, also continued wage payments in case of illness you will receive in the future. “With this total package, we were able to stop the extremely precarious working conditions,” said the trade unionist.

The conclusion also provides for a social plan. This provides, for the first time in Europe, severance payment arrangements, which in the case of station closures or reductions in the use of aircraft in the case of dislocations or Re-grab. The collective agreement has a term until the end of March 2021, and also applies to the more than 700 temporary workers to remember and temporary workers at Ryanair.

works Council structures more controversial

The ongoing negotiations to works Council structures designed, according to the Union, however, continues to be difficult. The Airline argued to have no operation in Germany, because the workers are in this country, especially aircrew. However, it was decided in December of last year, a change in the law, according to which flying personnel are for the first time, guarantees equal rights of co-determination and works councils guarantee also applies in the airspace.

Ryanair had stated that in 2017, under the pressure of personnel bottlenecks, ready, for the first time, to conclude collective agreements. The dispute, therefore, was accompanied by several strikes and flight disruptions in the past year, which affected many passengers and the income of Ryanair will be affected to a moved.

Ryanair marketing chief Kenny Jacobs had said in an Interview that he expected no further strikes over the current year. At the latest by Easter, the tariff to be contracts for the pilots in Germany, the Vereinigung Cockpit and the flight attendants with ver.di signed. In all other major markets, the situation is similar.

The Irish airline flies to more than 200 airports in 37 countries in Europe and North Africa. The company employs more than 14,000 people and is in a profound change since the pilots and flight attendants are being organized in trade unions and Europe-wide networked. In several countries, has agreed with the company, in the meantime, with the trade unions.