In Berlin on Wednesday morning, not far from Breitscheidplatz, a driver drove into a group of people. Contrary to initial reports from the police, not 30 but eight people were injured. That said a spokesman for the Berlin fire brigade. There is also a dead man.

The fire brigade and police are on site with a larger contingent. The group was standing on the sidewalk at number 16 on Tauentzienstrasse when the car drove in. According to the police, the incident in City West, not far from the Memorial Church, happened around 10:30 a.m.

Police say the driver is a man. “We do not yet know whether it was an intentional act or a traffic accident,” said a police spokesman. “We arrested the driver and are clarifying the matter.”

The man was traveling in a small Renault car, which ultimately crashed into a window of a Douglas branch and came to a halt there.