Anderlecht, with The return to take concrete form. Anthony Vanden Borre (31) will be allowed to train with the U21 Anderlecht. The club can be pointed to the right rear again and for all the peace and quiet of a return if the field is to work with”, says the purple-and-white. Today, it was Vanden Borre is already available in the training centre of Brussels (see photos below).

a Medical and a physical test, being in accordance with Anderlecht, that Vanden Borre still has all the abilities to be at the mid-term and at the highest level of participation. EnVincent Kompany believes that his long-time friend as a football player, a feel could be of benefit, the idea is to make it through to the U21 Craig Bellamy back on the level. Vanden Borre will be in the long term, will also have the opportunity to re-wedstrijdritme to do so.

The only thing I can do now is to work hard, to work, to have opportunities to seek to enforce it as a professional footballer.

Anthony Vanden Borre (31)

“like in a trusted environment can be good for me to do so”, said Vanden Borre himself. “I’m in the club and very grateful that I get to be me again, a football player has to feel it. The only thing I can do now is to work hard, to work on my 32 is still opportunity to seek to enforce it as a professional footballer. I don’t expect it, but I’m hoping that I can have my club, anything you can give back, if only for example, because of my voetbalervaringen in the training to share it with the guys from the U21.”

by Michael Verschueren, the athletic director of Anderlecht said that the defenders, the first step is to set. “Vanden Borre has been a long time ago to come knocking on your door and asked if we want to help you to re-wedstrijdfit-to-be. As a club, can you do that, of course, is the child of the house. If he wants to prove that he is able to return to the top level, and we want him to be the best of the facilities provide; however, with the promise that he has A heart, it will connect to a computer. He will need a quiet work at his pace, without pressure, but with a continuous review.”