Tour of Britain is The number one favourite for the world cup, it is well-known. Mathieu van der Poel (24) is set to bounce back yesterday, dagwinst in the Tour of Britain: everything and everyone is away from the wheel, in a sprint finish at the summit. Tiesj Benoot, who is the tenth, it was, wanted to have control: the “Super-amazing”, and he made it. After a spirited drive through the Yorkshire Dales, the hill section, which will also be the setting for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, he finished MVDP, with lengths in the lead.

for example, If we get to the finish line, we are all of them over and over. We need to be on time to start racing.

Tiesj Benoot

“I was going full throttle at 300 feet,” said Van der Poel. “The danger, for I knew that the finish line is not precisely located. It was far away, but I had a gap.”Don’t know where the line is or what the finish line looks like, it just makes his win even more spectacular. Benoot know what the opposition will soon be in place. “There is not a single Belgian in the world cup with him at the finish line may be. Since we are on a solid background. We need to start on time and to the rates to be delivered from him to get to.”

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Jasper De Buyst, a fellow of Benoot from Lotto-Soudal, it was the closest thing in the area. Also, he did a strong sprint, he also was gaining a pack of runners, but finished at three seconds. “If I was better positioned and had the time, I might have a wheel to keep it correct it was never successful. I’m not going to have more on Van der Poel to say. It’s been plenty of talk about how good he is.”

as The largest mental touch was Matteo Trentin, and the guy that’s going to be at the world cup leader, was in the lead. Also, not a poor person, but he did not have a chance, and it was the ninth. “He’s had along the way, however a lot of us’, he said Benoot, but Van der Poel was the final time to the front to see it.

we yesterday, is the new world champion, by any chance? No one is looking you will want to abide by the rule of the Dutch, but it has to find something to hold onto. The fourth stage of the Tour of Britain, it showed a lot of similarities with the world cup, but it is not an exact copy of the original. Crossing the finish line in Kendal was a heavier weight than those in the town centre at the end of the month, but the trip was 100 miles shorter. Van der Poel, still fragile after the debilitation?