Porsche works Council chief Uwe Hück, has announced his resignation. “I want to go into politics,” said the 56-Year-old during a staff meeting in Stuttgart. In the municipal elections this year, he wants to let in Pforzheim, Germany, in the municipal Council to choose. His Supervisory Board mandates in the VW group, he lays down.

The member of the SPD announced, with a list of their own to compete and not to run for the social Democrats. Hück criticized the party: “If the SPD goes on like this, will you destroy your heritage,” he said.

Hück works Council for 22 years, head of various committees. Since 2002, he has served as Chairman of the General works Council, the Supreme interest of the representatives of the employees of the Sport – and all-terrain vehicle manufacturer.

Porsche said, Hück and wanted to focus on its social commitment, such as his Foundation for disadvantaged young people, the learning Foundation Hück. For his efforts, he received two years ago, the Federal cross of merit. Hücks successor to the VW-daughter to be his former Deputy, Werner Weresch.

Last Hück engaged successfully for the production of the electric model Tayan takes place in Stuttgart. Even 1,200 new employees are to be set. In Stuttgart, 11,000 of the 31.200 Porsche employees worked last. Porsche’s chief Executive, Oliver Blume thanked Hück, and described him as a man with a very particular sense of Justice: “Your word has in society and in the politics of weight.”