US President Joe Biden fell on his bike during a morning tour, but apparently remained unharmed.

Video from Saturday’s White House reporters distribution list shows the 79-year-old getting up and saying, “I’m fine.”

Biden said he lost his balance when he tried to pull his foot out of the pedal loop. He later made three small jumps to demonstrate his integrity.

The President stopped near their beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on the bike ride with his wife Jill to talk to passers-by. After his fall, he quickly got up again. He exchanged a few words with passers-by and journalists and got back on his bike. Biden and his wife drove on five minutes after the incident.

As a result of the fall, there was above all a “wild mess” between Secret Service officials and media representatives, according to the White House press distribution list. Biden did not suffer any visible scratches or bruises.

“No medical treatment is required. The President looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family,” a White House official said. Biden wore a bike helmet and gloves during the incident.

Videos posted online Saturday afternoon showed the president making three small leaps and raising his fist as he left a church service after journalists and onlookers asked him how he was.

Biden is the oldest US President in history, and his health is often the subject of speculation. There is also much speculation as to whether he will run for a second term.