The Swiss have voted by a majority against a ceiling for land. In a nationwide popular vote, 64 percent of voters rejected the so-called urban sprawl initiative. The Greens wanted to leave in the Constitution States that for every newly-designated construction area elsewhere a to the building designated piece of Land will return to agricultural land. The government and Parliament had spoken against the Initiative, with the Argument that the spatial planning act shooter is already enough of a sprawl of the landscape.

in addition, other initiatives were on Sunday to the vote. In the Swiss Canton of Geneva, there is a majority in favour of that policy should be allowed to, and politicians as well as employees of the public service will in the future wear no visible religious symbols such as headscarves. More than 55 percent of the electorate voted for the law. Teachers in Geneva prohibited the Wearing of visible religious symbols in already. The new law extends this prohibition to elected representatives and government employees, the contact with the Public.

The right-wing in the cantonal Parliament had adopted the new rules in April. It was supported by Protestant and Catholic Church. The law obliges the Canton to religious neutrality and separation of Church and state. Left, green, feminist and Muslim organizations forced with a signature campaign for the Referendum. Their hope on a stop of the act are not fulfilled. Whether it comes to the application, is nevertheless questionable: Against the new rules, several actions before the Swiss constitutional court are pending.

the Canton of Uri. against wolves

In a further vote at the Canton level, the residents were residents in Uri your Anger over the spread of wolves, lynx and bears, air Almost 70 percent came from farmers applied for the people’s initiative “For the regulation of Large carnivores”. The Initiative wants to ban the “promotion of large carnivore inventory”. The decision, however, has a rather symbolic character, since the topic falls within the jurisdiction of the Federal policy.

live In Switzerland four wolf pack. Other wolves have left, according to the group, Wolf of Switzerland (GWS) but low. The Wolf in Switzerland, under protection of species. According to the GWS of each year to be torn up to 360 animals.

the Swiss can initiate either a Referendum against a law enacted on or by popular initiative laws suggest. Every year there are four voting dates. Since the introduction of the right of Initiative, in 1891, ten percent of such people are the only initiatives to have been adopted, almost 200 failed. Choice of five million inhabitants are entitled to good. The turnout varies depending on the subject between 30 and 60 percent.