Ensure that the data volume does not need to make a few customers for this year. In March, Deutsche Telekom began with the Tariff “Magenta mobile XL” a new Era in the mobile industry. For the first time this contract users for the price of 79,95 Euro enabled to surf unlimited.

The competitor Vodafone was not able to sit up and offered, only two months later, the Tariff “Red XL Unlimited”. With monthly 79,99 Euro customers can surf the web for almost the same price carefree. Also O2 is jumping on the bandwagon – however, the provider creates a lower rate.

O2 Tariff from 21. August

21. August, O2 customers have the choice between two Unlimited Tariffs: the Tariff “O2 my All-in-One” with the infinite volume of data, a fixed-line telephony and Internet flat rate Tariff “O2 Free Unlimited provides” a much cheaper deal and price is on the level of the competition. Unlimited High-Speed volume of data customers receive for a monthly charge of 59.99 euros. With “O2 Free Unlimited” to customers with up to 225 megabits per second surfing, promises to be the mobile phone provider. In addition, there is a national telephony – and SMS-Flatrate included. Either way, the EU is enabled for Roaming. To FOCUS Online Allnet-Flat-Vergleich!(Display)

Germany is only on place 27

So the customers are happy about the offer may, in a European comparison, Germany is in the prices of mobile tariffs are still on the back of most seats. The price level for unlimited data volume is still very high.

A study of the company Rewheel from April 2018 shows that German customers can expect, on average, for 30 euros, a 15 GB monthly data volume. In comparison, Smartphone users in Estonia already surfing for 16 euros limitless. In countries such as Latvia and Lithuania, there are the Internet flat rates for around 20 euros and in Finland, which is about as big as Germany, is offering Unlimited tariffs for 25 Euro. A total communications company to offer mobile in 26 countries for cheaper rates as a supplier in Germany.

Mobile Internet remains for German customers in the international comparison, a more expensive fun.

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