Ms. Aubry, given the recent turn of events and the resignation of board members, this is probably one of the last times that we will speak to you as president of the Union of Quebec Writers and Writers (UNEQ ).

The interviews given on Radio-Canada’s 15-18 program, on La Presse1 as well as the content of certain articles made us raise eyebrows. The latter let believe that if the authors had voted against the contributions, it is because they had not understood the mission which is the unionization of our association, that they had not grasped the need for the contributions and had not read the documents UNEQ had prepared.

We must rectify this fact, because it is incorrect. Not only do many of us know very well what this unionization represents, but many are already unionized employees or have been in the past. They are very aware of what it represents. Also, many members have extensively informed themselves on the subject. We have read the Status of the Artist Act, as well as the documentation sent by UNEQ. At many times. Because yes, some do their homework.

We have not said no to dues. We said no to the proposed dues formula. Yet it is simple to understand, since we have repeated it ad nauseam.

It was the format of the offer that was problematic and we would like to receive a new one. After all, that’s how discussions and negotiations work…

What we want now (among other things) is a reasonable membership fee proposal that is tailored to the needs and financial capabilities of all authors, members and non-members.

In short, you have to listen to the members and listen to what they want. They will be happy to tell you.