In a case brought by Juan Carlos I’s ex-lover, a British court ruled that Spain’s royal immunity laws did not cover Juan Carlos I.

Matthew Nicklin, High Court Justice, stated that Juan Carlos cannot claim legal immunity because it involves his private actions in the aftermath of a relationship.

Corinna Larsen is a Danish socialite, businesswoman, and socialite who lives in Monaco, London and was Juan Carlos’ unofficial partner for many years. However, the couple broke up amid increased media scrutiny and public scrutiny in Spain.

Juan Carlos, the King of Spain, was elected to be his successor in 2014. His son became King Felipe VI.

After Juan Carlos and Larsen became the subject of judicial investigations in 2020 for financial transactions that were opaque, including assets held in tax havens and other assets, she sued Juan Carlos, alleging that he orchestrated threats and ordered unlawful covert and surveillance.

Larsen requested a restraining or against Juan Carlos and compensation for mental health treatment expenses.

Robin Rathmell, of Kobre & Kim represented Larsen. He stated that Thursday’s ruling showed Juan Carlos “cannot hide from position, power or privilege” in order to avoid the lawsuit.

Rathmell stated in a statement that “this is the first step on a road to justice; the appalling circumstances of this case will finally go before the court.”

Juan Carlos’ Spanish lawyers refused to comment on the London court ruling.

Since 2020, the former monarch is based in United Arab Emirates. After prosecutors in Switzerland and at home found no evidence of financial misconduct that would be considered royal immunity, he recently declared his desire to visit Spain for sporadic visits.

Juan Carlos, now 84, still holds the title of King Emeritus since his abdication. Felipe tried to protect his own reign from scandals that affected his father and other members the royal family.