In the case of a disordered Brexits the UK wants to let Truck out of the EU, without additional approval to the Land. “The UK needs to be sure that, as usual, the foreign products imported and British products can be exported,” – said in a statement to the government. To waive a permit for the Truck, guarantee the international transport of goods, and should help to get for British transport firm Commitments to do so.

The Truck traffic of goods between the UK and Europe, has an annual volume of about 480 billion euros. More than 80 percent of which are handled with trucks from the EU.

UK plans at the end of March from the community of States to withdraw. On the concrete conditions, it is still a fight. It is unclear therefore, what are the conditions for the future commercial. The shipping industry has warned of the introduction of customs controls at major ports like Dover, because that is likely to result alone because of the feared traffic jams, faults in the supply chains.

May meets Juncker and Tusk

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected on Thursday in Brussels. There, they will meet EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and EU President Donald Tusk. May will present their ideas and Juncker will receive the Prime Minister “with joy and hear what she has to say,” said a Commission spokesman.

The British head of government hopes to legally binding Changes to the Brexit-the agreement provided for a guarantee for an open border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. The May made during a speech in the Northern Irish capital Belfast on Tuesday. The so-called Backstop is considered to be the main obstacle to ratification of the agreement by the British Parliament.

at the same time May, reiterated its commitment to an open border between the two Parts of the island of Ireland. “Northern Ireland does not have to rely on the Irish government or the European Union, in order to prevent a return to the borders of the past,” said the Prime Minister. “The British government will not allow that to happen. I’m not going to let that happen.” Nevertheless, Changes to the warranty for an open border in the outlet agreement. Only then the contract is by the British Parliament.

May had negotiated with the EU a comprehensive exit agreement, but in mid-January in the British Parliament, not a majority. Under great time pressure, before the Brexit-date 29. March wants to enforce them now in Brussels Changes in order to achieve the ratification of the Treaty and to prevent a chaotic Brexit.

EU rejects so far, however, any Change to the Brexit Treaty. Therefore, the expectations of may’s visit in Brussels is low. The EU’s Position is known and has not changed, said Juncker’s spokesman. The Backstop is a Central component of the Treaty.