Due to the uncertainty caused by the forthcoming Brexit and the rise in kerosene prices, the British airline flybmi has filed for bankruptcy. As the Parent company British Midland Regional Limited, announced on Saturday on its Website, all flights with immediate effect.

The 17-flybmi-machines flew up from 25 cities in Europe, including targets in Germany. The company employed 376 employees in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. In the code-sharing method, it worked together with Lufthansa and Air France. Flybmi transported in 2018 of approximately 522.000 passengers.

“a Heavy heart” I have chosen the Airline to the step, it said on the Website. Flybmi cites several reasons for this: in addition to General difficulties of the industry, especially for the end of March planned EU have caused Britain to leave the problems. Because British Airlines from the emissions trading are excluded by the EU, has become the kerosene is significantly more expensive. In addition, the ongoing uncertainty has led to the airline feared could be no contracts for the period after the Brexit secure, to be able to in the future, no European targets to fly to.

Flybmi-customers were asked to contact for the refund of the ticket price to your credit card providers, travel agencies or airline partners.