Improper storage of his gun leads to the death of a father: A two-year-old boy killed his father with a gun in the US state of Florida.

As the police explained on Monday, they initially assumed that the man had shot himself at the end of May. However, the eldest of his three children told investigators that his little brother fired the shot.

According to court documents, the gun was in a bag that the father left on the ground. The toddler found her and shot the 26-year-old, who was playing a computer game, in the back.

All five family members, including a five-month-old daughter, were in the same room at the time. Both parents were on probation after multiple counts of child neglect and drug use, police said.

“Gun owners who fail to keep their guns safe are a split second away from one of these tragedies,” said Orange County Police Commissioner John Mina.

Such tragedies happen regularly in the United States. In August 2021, for example, a two-year-old child found a gun in a child’s backpack and shot his mother in the head during a Zoom meeting.