In Novosibirsk, despite its scale, there is a separate children’s oncohematological centre. There are only a small Department at Central regional hospital in Krasnoobsk, where you’re taking children with a terrible diagnosis — leukemia, neuroblastoma and other oncological diseases. According to parents, there are only 19 chambers, two doctors, there is no apparatus for MRI and CT, and the children carry on the procedure, often at their own expense for a taxi as soon not cope with the workload. The shortage of doctors and equipment is reflected in the effectiveness of treatment. Desperate parents are confident that their children are not treated, so they recorded a video message to the President and created a petition for the construction of a full medical center. Correspondent NGS Ksenia Lysenko listened to mom, talked with representatives of charity funds and appealed to the Ministry of health, in order to figure out if everything is bad in krasnoobskoe the hospital, which is now almost 30 children are fighting for their lives.