13.07.2022, Griechenland, Samos: Ein Hubschrauber nimmt an einer Such- und Rettungsaktion in der Nähe der östlichen Ägäisinsel Samos teil, nachdem ein Hubschrauber ins Meer abgestürzt ist. Rettungskräfte wollten während Löscharbeiten bei einem Waldbrand im Meer Wasser aufnehmen, dann stürzte ihr Hubschrauber aus niedriger Höhe ab. Foto: Michael Svarnias/AP/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The rescue workers wanted to pick up water in the sea, then their helicopter crashed from a low altitude – two people died fighting the forest fire on Samos. According to Greek media, the pilot was rescued and taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Two other occupants were only recovered dead by the Greek coast guard. Late Wednesday evening it turned out that the fourth inmate is also alive. The man swam ashore and was discovered there, the Greek coast guard said in the evening.

It was initially unclear why the helicopter crashed. Meanwhile, the first towns in the region were evacuated in the evening because of the uncontrolled fire.

The crew of the helicopter is said to be a Romanian, two Moldovans and a Greek translator. A total of 14 fire-fighting trains, three fire-fighting planes and two fire-fighting helicopters were deployed on Wednesday to fight a forest fire in the far west of the island. Tourists and residents could watch the flames and the huge clouds of smoke from afar. In the evening, two towns in the area of ​​the fire were evacuated as a precaution because the fire could not be brought under control by then.